Osteon PLUS porosis is an innovative and revolutionary food supplement for the treatment of osteopenia and osteoporosis, through the balancing of bone metabolism. Osteon PLUS porosis is manufactured in Switzerland, by Actigenomics company, and is the only product of its class that is accompanied by efficacy and safety studies at the most reputable universities and investigational centers of Switzerland. Osteon PLUS porosis is exclusively manufactured for ABC Kinitron Athens, the most innovative Greek biotechnology product development and promotion company.

Actigenomics is a biotechnology research and development company, specializing in therapeutic products, by utilizing micronutrients and genomic nutrition.

Actigenomics company is registered in Biopole, Lausanne, one of the biotechnology centers of Switzerland, and has developed many innovative, effective and safe active micronutrient sequences, that are available in micro-doses and manufactured via a patented process.

The so called “Combined Micronutrient Nutrition” is based on the sequential concentration of small amounts of specific elements (trace elements, oils, vitamins, minerals, plant extracts) containing food and natural therapeutic substances, which are manufactured in compliance with the most stringent Swiss, French and European regulations.

It is the only comprehensive formula for bone metabolism balancing.

It restores bone balance to the respective dynamic equilibrium.

It significantly improves bone mass and it uniquely increases the quality of bone reformation.

It significantly reduces pain associated with osteopenia in all cases.

No bone fractures were recorded during clinical studies.

It causes no adverse reactions.

OSTEON PLUS porosis is provided as an oral spray, and this form significantly increases the bioabsorption and efficacy of the product.

Osteon Plus is the only product containing 22 ingredients which are necessary for the structural integrity of bones (minerals, trace elements, vitamins, plant extracts)