HyalurOn PET is a high molecular weight, biosynthetic Hyaluronic Acid liquid solution for Pets.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is normally produced in the body assisting in the hydration, lubrication and protection of the tissues.

Product Description
The hyaluronic acid included in Hyaluron PET is of the highest molecular weight and purity in comparison to other products currently available! Its molecular weight is a minimum of 2.4 million Daltons.

High molecular weight hyaluronic acid is the only one that is highly absorbed by the animal’s tissues!


Sodium Hyaluronate (COONa)(CH2OH)


Hyaluronic acid is a special polysaccharite normally existing in the body of most animals. It is one of the most intensively studied substances currently in medicine and has become the subject of hundreds of clinical studies; especially in the fields of orthopedics, dermatology and ophthalmic surgery.
Its functions inside the body include water transport and lubrication of the moving parties of the body, such as joints and muscles.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural molecule that mainly absorbs water and thus it is considered as a natural hydrating agent.


Lubricates and protects the cartilages acting against aging!
It is the natural lubricant of mammals’ joints and muscles.
It is the best available hydrating agent for the tissues.
It contributes to wound healing by enhancing the skin’s elasticity.


Dissolve the product a small quantity of water


Small animals below 10kg : 2 drops in a small quantity of water, 1-3 times per day
10-30 kg : 3 drops, 1-3 times per day
30-50kg: 5 drops , 1-3 times per day
Big animals (e.g. Horses, cows): 0,09 mg/kg or approx. 1.5ml per 100kg of weight (1.5 times dropper quantity), 1-3 times per day